Is summer the absolute best time to get a tattoo

Is summer the absolute best time to get a tattoo

Let’s dispel a myth: tattoos can also be done in summer, as long as you always treat them properly (as in any other season).

If in the summer , faced with the many (wonderful) tattoos exhibited at the sea and in the pool, you are overwhelmed by the desire to give yourself a new design on your skin, be it the first or the umpteenth of a long series, we can tell you: you could not choose best season.

In fact, all tattoo artists agree: despite what we have always heard, the summer is perfect for getting a tattoo , because since we are no longer bundled up under bulky layers of clothes, the skin can breathe better and heal in less time 타투.

But after having decided on the design and the tattoo artist , perhaps among these Made in Italy tattoo superstars , and after having put into practice the anti-sentimental tips (which are always the same: no names and no haste), once the tattoo artist has once his work is finished, the most important task is up to you: the care of the tattoo.


First hours after the tattoo, what to do

The first few hours are a very crucial time for the perfect healing of your tattoo. Do not remove the protection (usually a piece of transparent film) that the tattoo artist has applied to the drawing for at least 3-4 hours.

After this time you can remove the bandage and, after washing your hands, also wash the affected area, very gently and with a little neutral soap. Pat dry with a piece of kitchen paper and let the skin breathe for a few minutes.

Now you can apply a new transparent film: this treatment will allow the excess ink to come out and must be repeated 2 or 3 times during the day (when you change the film, always repeat the wash too).

What happens to your skin during the first week

On the third day you can remove the film and from that moment on for at least 14 days you just have to wash everything and apply on the tattoo, 2 or 3 times a day, an aftercare cream (most tattoo artists recommend Bepanthenol, a protective paste. usually used for infants, but there are many similar products on the market).