Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting literally millions of people worldwide. The condition is a result of accumulated damage to the cartilage between bones, which leads to pain and stiffness in the affected joint. Bones can also be damaged because of the loss of cartilage, resulting in further loss of mobility in the joint. This can lead to muscle atrophy in the surrounding muscles, compounding the damage already done by the disease.

While osteoarthritis has conventional treatments that are effective, there is no known cure for the disease. Most treatments can only relieve the pain while others are able to prevent additional damage and degeneration. Usually this is done through the use of medication, though extreme cases may call for surgery to replace the damaged joints.

Conventional treatments are not the only effective remedies for osteoarthritis. Various natural remedies for osteoarthritis do exist for the safe, natural treatment of the disease. The advantage of using these alternative treatment options is that they have few harmful side-effects, and yet can still be effective in providing pain relief. These natural remedies offer those afflicted with osteoarthritis a choice in the manner they are treated, which is important to many who suffer from the disease.

Sometimes however, effective natural remedies for osteoarthritis may be difficult to find. This is partly because there is a lack of scientific proof for the efficacy of the various natural remedies, and people are sometimes forced to try out many different types before finding one that works for them. Often, most people looking for alternative methods of treatment will rely on the testimonies of friends and relatives, or even on the testimonies of complete strangers.

Here are a few examples of natural remedies for osteoarthritis that are known to be effective, to help you on your search for an effective natural treatment:

Acupuncture is based on the belief that the manipulation of key points around the body can help restore the proper energy flow and heal the body. This method was long mistrusted by conventional medicine, however, recent studies have shown that acupuncture is effective in relaxing the body and relieving pain, and so is an effective natural remedy for osteoarthritis.

Therapeutic Massage:
Massage can provide effective pain relief and relaxation of tired muscles. Other variations of massage may also be good for osteoarthritis, though care must be taken to receive massages only from trained professionals who are aware of your osteoarthritis.

Herbal Remedies:
Natural remedies are commonly associated with herbal remedies, and there are a number of herbal remedies available to treat osteoarthritis. Among the most trusted among them are boswellia, devil’s claw and ginger. They may be taken as teas, and are also available as supplement tablets.

Herbal Liniments and Oils:
Herbal remedies may also be applied topically to the affected area, or massaged in carefully. Cayenne creams, Castor oil and even apple cider vinegar may be rubbed to affected joints for pain relief.

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